2020 Best Hearing Aid Deal

Finding 2020’s best hearing aid deal just got easier

2020 best rechargeable hearing aids

MX Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Was $1,196.00 Now $598

  • 2020 Best Hearing Aid Deal: You won’t have to worry about needing to buy another hearing aid if your hearing ability changes, this is adjustable and perfect for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Includes 4 amplifying settings for different listening environments and selectively amplifies human voices so you don’t miss a word
  • No more remembering to change those tiny batteries, because this hearing aid is fully charged in 4 hours
  • Never worry about your hearing aid batteries dying on you again, one 4 hour charge gives you 20 hours of use
  • Yes, these high quality hearing aids are only $598/pair! This company sells to you direct, so you are not paying all the middle man fees and markups

Save EXTRA money!

This hearing aid even includes the carrying case, charging dock, cleaning brush and extra ear domes

Skip the doctor because you won’t need a custom fit, adjustable settings allow you to customize your sound as needed

Hearing Aid Features we LOVE at a Price we Need

Never Change Batteries AGAIN!

The most popular hearing aid feature in 2020 is the ability to quickly recharge your hearing aids. No one wants to be bothered with changing hearing aid batteries anymore. The MX Rechargeable is fully charged after only 4 hours of charging. You can use your hearing aids for up to 20 hours with each charge. Another little included feature is the magnetic charging dock. So when placing your hearing aids on the included dock to charge, the magnets click the hearing aids right into place.

Your Hearing Needs Change Over Time, MX Adjusts With You

No need to replace the MX Rechargeable Hearing Aids as your hearing needs change over time. The MX is great for mild to severe hearing loss. Most over the counter hearing aids only serve mild to moderate hearing needs. The ability to serve people with severe hearing loss makes the MX versatile enough to earn the 2020 Best Hearing Aid Deal.

Hear Well Again With Focus

Now you can cancel that frustrating and confusing noise with a rear noise-blocking microphone. Using dual microphones the MX helps to focus your hearing on what is important to you and cancels the rest.

2020 Best Hearing Aid Deal Shopping Perks

The MX Rechargeable Hearing Aids are made by Neosonic, who has a 5-star customer support rating. They currently offer the best free warranty on the market, 1 year and they will give you 45 days to try out their hearing aids. If you find the MX is not perfect for you, simply return for a 100% refund. Customer service and high-quality products are what Neosonic is well known for giving their MX our pick for 2020 Best Hearing Aid Deal.

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